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Нью-Йорк до кондиционеров 1920-1970 гг..

Оригинал взят у rodinaussr в Нью-Йорк до кондиционеров 1920-1970 гг..
Частые упрёки , что нет сравнительных фотографий тех времён иностранных городов, подтолкнули к публикации фотографий Нью-Йорка
Серия увлекательных черно-белых изображений показывает, как жителей Нью-Йорка переживали периоды сильной жары и бессонных ночей.
Vintage summer: Pictured in 1900, group of women enjoy summer on New York's Coney Island

River reprieve: Before the late Twenties, when environmental degradation of the city's rivers tainted the dozens of 'floating baths' sprinkled along the East and Hudson Rivers, New York's hot and bothered dove straight in

Pool party: Madison Square Garden transformed into swimming pool scene in Tex Rickard's luxurious indoor swimming pool which was thrown open to the public in 1921


Pond paddling: The cooling waters of the little river that runs through Bronx Park offered a delightfully refreshing plunge for neighborhood boys in 1922, in the midst of paved streets and brick buildings


By 1911, Manhattan

Fresh air: Two children in New York City keep cool during the hot weather by sleeping outside on the fire escape in 1929

New York City 1929

Urban river: Children on Mulberry St on the Lower East Side turn an excavation site into a temporary swimming hole using water from a fire hydrant as July temperatures hit record heights in the city in 1936


Taking a dip: As the sun boils overhead, Upper East Side kids splash in one of the city's then-new swimming pools at 112th Street and First Avenue during 1938dur1938
Cooling off: Children play in a water-filled street in Harlem during 1939

Cooling off: Dozens of children play in a water-filled 104th street in Harlem during 1939


Barrel of fun: Seated in a WPA wheelbarrow beside a gushing fire hydrant on the Lower East Side, four boys cool off in 95degree heat during 1939


Relaxed: Perched atop a rock in the north end of the Central Park Lake in 1944 are children who take frequent dips while others enjoy boating


Too hot: During summer months, the Lower East Side's tenement buildings' tiny rooms became so stifling that many children and tenement dwellers would sleep on the roof, or more frequently, on accessible fire escapes

Shower power: Children on East 101 Street, near Lexington Avenue play in a makeshift shower during 1948


Summer sprinkles: While adults can complain about the heat of summer, many children delight in it; a little girl in Harlem skips away the hours in the refreshing spray of a fire hydrant in the Fifties

Fire hydrant fun: Children welcomed sweltering weather in 1954 because it gave them a chance to frolic under the spray of fire hydrants; pictured, near New York City's Columbus Circle


Stretch of beach: A crowd of 216,000 New Yorkers jams Jones Beach in the hopes of escaping the intense heat that was blistering New York City and the eastern half of the nation in 1959


Hanging out: With one youngster manning the hydrant, three other boys of New York's super-heated Lower East Side get a cool and refreshing shower as a brief respite in 1957


Block party: Girls play in the street and sidewalks during a block party in New York during the summer of 1970


Hydrant hippies: The long, hot summer of 1971 meant children cooled off with a water hydrant - now a classic New York summer scene

Самым долгим и жарким было лето в 1971 г

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